Stephanie Shoemaker

SKINCARE 101: Double Cleansing

Stephanie Shoemaker
SKINCARE 101: Double Cleansing

My first love is skincare

Why losing sleep for skin is worth it.

I've always dwelled into skincare because of my horrible acne in high school. Ugh, those were horrible moments. And so it seems like I don't have any skin issues right now, I seriously do. I swear I break out every two year. My skin was so horrifying last year and I've been going through skin products like crazy! But I think I finally nailed it down cause my skin has been so good to me.

I have normal to dry skin. Dry cheeks and oily T-zone (more so in the summer). I gear toward hydrating products due to the dryness.

If you are dealing with acne or skin troubles, you are not alone. We all have gone through that phase or STILL going through it. My acne problem has never left me. It probably never will but the BEST THING I could do is deal with it.

A few simple rules:

  1. Figure out your skin type (dry, combination, normal, dry to normal, oily, oily to normal). Yes, you may have more than one skin type.
  2. Have a set skincare routine. It does NOT have to be as many steps as mine. 
  3. Take care of your skin. Be consistent. Make it your priority at night. 

Double Cleansing


Double cleansing was a term I learned from Soko Glam, a Korean skin/beauty websites. I also read it in the book "Little Book of Skincare" by Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam.
The first step of DOUBLE CLEANSING is to use an oil based cleanser to melt off all the makeup-even stubborn waterproof mascara! The oil cleanser I have been hooked onto is Banila Co Clean It Zero Classic. Do not worry if you have oily skin, it will not break you out. If anything, it'll help balance out the oiliness. Furthermore, oil cleanser is the best makeup remover. I have used Neutrogena's makeup remover for years and it does not compare to oil cleansers. What I love most is how easy it melts all the gunk off. It also does not sting my eyes! After using the oil cleanser, I go right into my cleanser routine.


The second step of DOUBLE CLEANSING is to use a water based cleanser. The cleanser I am currently using is NEOGEN Green Tea Real Foam Cleanser. Which has been amazing! It really soften and cleared up my acne. It's so gentle on the skin and easy to wash off. The most important thing about cleaning your skin is to NEVER be tough on it. I always use the middle and ring finger to gently spread and rub the foam around my face. Don't tug or try to squeak clean because the skin on your face is really sensitive especially around the eyes. You do not want to create wrinkles! After I rinse off the cleanser, I let my face air dry. I heard somewhere that it was better for your skin to air dry if you want more hydration. And that's what I always look for: hydration. 

Good skin always help your makeup look better. So focus on the canvas, your skin, it'll help make life easier. And it is okay to wear makeup when there are acne spots. Just remember to treat your skin afterwards. Invest in your skincare products. What you pay for is what you get. Always splurge when it comes to skin because that's your body. Treat it well. 

I hope you all find this helpful on what it means to double cleanse and how to double cleanse. You can read more about skincare on The Klog by Soko Glam. I know people always say that there isn't enough time for a skincare routine but if you can make time to eat then you can make time for skin.

It's the most luxury thing you can do for yourself at the end of the day. 

Please look for items that are suitable for your skin. If you're not sure, I always gear towards "normal" skin products to start off with. 


Remember that skin is important.
More important than makeup.



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