Stephanie Shoemaker

25 things I learned

Stephanie Shoemaker
25 things I learned

Hey friends!


I am doing the cliche lifestyle blogpost about things I've learned while being alive. Things I hope you can relate and do better than me. Being alive for 25 years seem scary and long but truth to be told, it's the beginning of a new perspective. 


none in order.


You weren't meant to stay quiet. 

Stand up for yourself
No one will tell you this but you're going to have to stand up and fight for yourself. a lot.
There are going to be people in your life who'll runaway when you're in need of them the most. 

Being independent doesn't mean having all the $ in the world, living by yourself, or being alone. It means fully loving yourself, making decisions for yourself, and being able to say no.

Run often
Run after your dreams.

Adapt to change. Adapt to the outcome of your daily life.

Dreams only come true when YOU do the work

Crave change
I used to hate change but now it's my daily practice.
Crave for small or big changes. Crave for travel. Crave for more friendships. Crave growth.

Stop waiting for tomorrow

Test and trials
I'm a firm believer in doing everything you dream of and if it doesn't work out, it's okay.
It is better to try and fail then to wonder "what if?"
Some jobs, career, moments are only a season of life.
You have to discern the moment and go after what your heart longs for. 

Monday is the best day. Forget Friday.
Clean slate every week. 

Loving yourself doesn't always mean to put yourself first
It means being able to love others because you have loved already.

Give thanks
Always thank anyone who helps you even in the little things.

Take baby steps into growth
I start each year writing down something I've always wanted to do.
Last year, I took on hand lettering. No regrets taking that class!
This year is learning how to sew. If you know anyone or yourself, hit me up.
Next year, I want to learn how to ice skate professionally.
It's been a dream.

Don't lose heart

Don't give so much to those who can't give the same back
I love investing in my relationships with people but I can only invest so much.
Don't overdo it with anyone who can't do the same for you. New or old.

Don't assume
Ask questions.

Fight hard. Love harder! 

Crying sucks but feels so good!
Allow emotions to be felt.

Take control
Don't let time out-run you. Learn to manage and prioritize time.

Allow failure to be part of life
Society thinks that failing is the end of it all but I disagree.
We are all a master piece in progress. Failure is the best life lesson.

Choose freedom
Let the negativity go. Let hinderance go. Let hurt go. 

Find your resting place
recuperating is vital.

Not everyone will root for you
 Some people will tear your dreams, push you down, and won't even help you reach your goals. They aren't worth your time.

Don't let fear be your motivator

Progress looks different on everyone
We all have different dreams and work differently to get there.
Don't compare yourself to everyone.
For we all have our own time to shine just like the sun and the moon. 
This is the best advice handed to me that I want to pass the baton to you.


As I stated in my Instagram birthday post,

"A quarter of life sounds a what have I been doing? But in reality, most of it was spent doing the basic guidelines of the world. Spending the days in school, working odd jobs, falling in love and making friends.

So I say that being 25 is the start of whatever you want to be. Spend the next quarter of your life DOING WHAT YOU LOVE even if it takes you until you’re 50 to reach your dream. You’re never too late or too old. It’s all about persistent. The next quarter is all about who you want to be, where you’re going, and knowing who you are. CATCH THE WIND."

Here is to 25!