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I met an amazing person (@bethcath) who was willing to photograph me. She stretched me the ways my hands were position. She told me to take up space. TAKE UP SPACE. To not feel so small. To not close myself up. To not criticize how I look. And I knew God was telling me something because as soon as I received the photos, I saw me. Like that was me taking up space, not fearing, not closing myself from Him, it was me being free. (Though I wouldn't say behind the scenes were the same type of feel, haha). 

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It's easy to accept negative words of who you are but that changes today. Today you are no longer who they said you are. You are no longer the negative words spoken about you. You are no longer what the enemy repeats daily. Today you are going to TAKE the goodness He has design in you. Today you are full of life. You are fearless. You are an overcomer. You are no longer your past. You are going to live the goodness He has made in you. You are more than the clothes you wear. You are more than your job description. Today your heart is tender and your life is brighter. Today you are going to take up the space that was created for YOU.

The best quote I've ever heard was,

"If you want to know what’s really inside a person, listen carefully to the words she speaks.” by Lysa TerKeurst.

TAKE UP SPACE in His goodness whether you feel like it or not because I am in the desert with you. I am down in the valley with you. I am with you. I am standing in the gap for you. 

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Take up space in who you are. 

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it's raining honey.

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photos by @bethcath