Stephanie Shoemaker

New York City, NY

Stephanie Shoemaker
New York City, NY

Welcome to NYC.

It's been waiting for you. Welcome to New York.

My sisters and I decided to travel to New York City for a few days because of BTS (popular Korean boyband). They held their US tour concert at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. We headed there a few days before the concert started and tour New York City. We were in Times Square, Manhattan, and visited the World Trade Center. 

New York City was amazing. I fell in love as soon as I started walking. Their lifestyle fits mine securely. The main reason why I feel so connected to NYC was how diverse it was. I thought that Minneapolis was diverse until I entered New York City. There were so many different languages at once. Yet no one was told to speak in English. Yet no one was looked at weirdly. Yet no one was judged. It made me feel so comfortable talking to my siblings in Hmong cause no one cared. Which, honestly, it felt great. 


Places we visited:

Times Square

Top Of The Rock

World Trade Center

Central Park

SOHO Shopping Center

I fell in love as soon as I started walking.


Thank you all so much for traveling with me.

Stay Golden